Book Lovers Campaign


The Daesan Foundation conducts this reading campaign held jointly with Kyobo Book Centre with the goal of expanding Korea's reading base and bettering the spiritual culture of the Korean people. Campaign events were regularly held in 2014, including a lecture on humanities that offered deep insight and wisdom on modern life and Thursday literature recitals.
In addition, the statue of Yeom Sang-seop, one of Korea's most important early modern literary figures, was moved from Samcheong Park in Jongno-gu to in front of the Kyobo Building in Gwanghwamun, allowing Yeom to retake his proper place. To commemorate this, “Yeom Sang-seop Literature Night” was held to great acclaim from the Seoul public. The campaign also held its “Nobel Laureate Portrait Exhibit,” in which portrait paintings of Nobel Prize winners were displayed at the Kyobo Book Center in Gwanghwamun. This gave the general public an opportunity for a high-quality cultural experience and gave children hope that they, too, might become new Nobel laureates. Other major programs included “Humanities on the Street,” “Cultural Travel” (a trip to the setting of Japanese author Yasunari Kawabata's novel “Snow Country”) and “Exhibit of Literary Pictures.”