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The Han River Literary Festival 2012
The Han River Literary Festival 2012 is a part of the Han River Renaissance Project, which aims to transform the Han River into a space for people to interact closely, as well as to provide a cultural space.
This event was held at the Seonyudo Park, originally a filtration plant before it was renovated, to create a literary festival, where art and recreation merged to produce new powers of imagination and stories that were refined, stored, and coursed through the park. The Foundation and the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Han River Project Headquarters co-hosted this festival. It was held for two days on October 6 and 7 at the Seonyudo Park, embracing the theme of “Residents’ Chorus, Literature Flowing in Seonyudo.” The main programs included the opening ceremony, poetry and music concert, performances based on literature, writers’ cafe, the Hangang Literary Award, literary art exhibition, and others.